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March World Kidney Month
Balancing the Body - Why Kidney Care is Critical 

Nassau, THE BAHAMAS - The two fist-sized organs in your lower back known as kidneys are vitally important. They are responsible for filtering waste out of the body, regulating the body’s salt, potassium and acid content, balancing body fluids, producing vitamin D and controlling the production of red blood cells. Globally, the month of March is recognized as World Kidney Month which focuses on the bean shaped pair tasked with key functions to keep the body in balance. 

Diabetics, persons with high blood pressure or a family history of kidney failure all have increased risk of kidney disease.  Due to very few warning signs, most people do not even realize they are in danger until the disease has progressed. Oaktree Medical Center Nephrologist Dr. Don D. Deveaux knows first hand the critical role these organs play and encourages Bahamians to get annual checkups which may detect the onset of the disease and save lives.