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Oaktree Medical and NHIA Partner to Combat Prostate Cancer in The Bahamas

NASSAU, The Bahamas – “I was absolutely lost for words; I was totally shocked because in January for my annual, I was totally fine,” recalls Tyrone Miller after receiving an unexpected prostate cancer diagnosis.

Miller, a recent retiree who diligently worked at the Water and Sewerage Corporation for 43 years was ready to transition to a more relaxed pace not knowing he was now in a battle against cancer.

“Since I was retiring, I decided to just go in and have another physical in May of 2021. So I went to Oaktree and met with Dr. Deveaux and my prostate levels seemed to be out of whack and I couldn't understand it because it was zero a few months prior. I was then referred to Dr. Evans the Urologist and after the biopsy, it was confirmed that I indeed had cancer,” he lamented.   The Bahamas has the 14th highest ranking for prostate cancer in the world. Unfortunately, even with these startling statistics many Bahamian men deliberately avoid the doctor’s office unwilling to face themselves or take health matters seriously. Chief Medical Officer for the Oaktree Medical Center Health Network Dr. Don D. Deveaux strongly encourages men to be mindful of their health.

Tyrone Miller, Prostate Cancer Survivor

“Every day I see men of all ages and walks of life downplaying their health, as a result cutting their own lives short from neglecting self-care and as a result preventative diseases are running rampant. As September is Prostate Cancer Awareness month, we partnered with the National Health Insurance Authority to encourage all men to pay more attention to their bodies while maintaining an active lifestyle, along with having their annual examinations and prostate checks,” said Dr. Deveaux.  

This month Oaktree Medical Center donated $5,000 to NHIA for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, NHIA Chief Executive Officer Mrs. Christy Butler expressed her gratitude for the partnership.

(From left) Dr. Don D. Deveaux, Oaktree Medical Center Health Network Chief Medical Officer donates $5,000.00 to NHIA Chief Executive Officer Christy Butler and Enesca Smith, Human Resources Manager, Oaktree Medical Center.

“Since March this year, NHIA has hosted virtual Beneficiary Educational Sessions as part of our healthcare, quality, and wellness initiatives. Having Oaktree Medical as a partner allows us to seamlessly move from on screen to in-person engagements and we are very thankful for the opportunity. The funds donated are assisting our efforts to host sessions on men’s health and prostate cancer awareness for NHI Beneficiaries and the general public,” she explained.  

Attendees at the September session were able to benefit from the knowledge and expertise from guest speakers Bahamian Urologist Dr. Bert Williams and Therapist Mr. Harrison Thompson.

“We find that men tend to shy away from healthcare. It is our hope with this and future events as well, to provide a haven for men to feel comfortable not just learning and seeking care for physical health but also mental health as well,” says Butler.  

For Miller, embracing the cancer diagnosis with the support of his wife, family and friends made all the difference as he has through early detection and good medical care successfully won the battle.  

“My doctors told me that I could beat this, and it wasn’t a death sentence and so that calmed me and gave me the will to combat it.  My wife and family were in total support behind me every step of the way. I had radiation treatment for about two months at the Cleveland Clinic and upon returning home, Oaktree Medical Center staff and my doctors checked on my progress and for that I am thankful."  

Now declared cancer free with an even greater appreciation for life, Miller has strong advice to all men to adhere to.  

“It is because of early detection that I was able to jump on it right away and that increase my odds. I would say to all men over the age 40, please get your prostate checked, have a physical annually and don’t ignore your body. Seriously, don’t just go to the doctor when you have pain. You only have one good life on this Earth so take responsibility for the things that are important including your health,” Miller expressed.

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Oaktree Medical Center (OMC), a world-class medical facility provides high quality, holistic, patient-centred, affordable medical services in a safe, caring environment. They provide customized care to meet the needs of each patient and health condition. OMC is focused on family values and its doors are open to serve the community.

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Oaktree Partners with BBF for the FIBA World Cup Americas Qualifiers as Title Sponsor

NASSAU, The Bahamas – An avid basketball player from her childhood and Jr. National Girls team member, Oaktree Medical Center’s CEO Mrs. Kristi Deveaux is a strong proponent of the game, youth development and health and wellness.

“I love the game and as a former National Jr. Girls player, when the invitation was extended for Oaktree to support the Bahamas Basketball Federation (BBF) and the World Cup Qualifiers, we said yes! Even on his birthday, Doc agreed giving back is the fitting thing to do. We strongly support sports because we, first hand know the transformative power it has to change lives, reduce crime, and build community. Oaktree Medical Center stands with the Government of The Bahamas, NGO’s, and corporate Bahamas to support men and women making a difference in our beautiful country,” said Deveaux. The FIBA World Cup Americas Qualifiers is one the biggest basketball tournaments in the world which will determine the seven teams to participate at the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup and ultimately the Olympics.

From left: Games Director, Randolph Humes; Oaktree Medical Center Chief Executive Officer, Kristi Deveaux - Title Sponsor; Baha Mar Senior Vice President, Robert “Sandy” Sands; Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, The Honourable Mario K. Bowleg, MP; Baha Mar President Graeme Davis; Bahamas Basketball Federation Secretary General, Jurelle Nairn-Mullings; Bahamas Basketball Federation President, Eugene Horton; Senior Men’s Coach Moses Johnson

Team Bahamas successfully won its recent game against the U.S. Virgin Islands last with a final score 97-80. On Monday, 4th July, they will face the Dominican Republic at the FIBA World Cup Americas Qualifiers. At a recent press conference Mrs. Deveaux, the Minister of Youth, Sports, and Culture the Hon. Mario K. Bowleg, corporate partner Baha Mar and The Bahamas Basketball Federation Board members, Coach Yolett McPhee-McCuin and NBA player Chavanno “Buddy” Hield joined virtually to announce details of the upcoming game.

Eugene Horton, Bahamas Basketball Federation President shared how the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers in The Bahamas helps the Federation fulfil its mission.

“As the governing body of basketball in The Bahamas, we are committed to changing lives through basketball island by island by connecting and promoting the islands of The Bahamas globally through high-quality national and international events showcasing Bahamian talent,” said Horton.

From left: Bahamas Basketball Federation President, Eugene Horton; Oaktree Medical Center Chief Executive Officer, Kristi Deveaux - Title Sponsor and Bahamas Basketball Federation Secretary General, Jurelle Nairn-Mullings and Senior Men’s Coach Moses Johnson.

Baha Mar President Senior Vice President Robert “Sandy” Sands, expressed why Baha Mar is committed to sports tourism and connected to The Bahamas Basketball Federation to support events which aid our athletes.

“It is important that there are sponsors like us who are willing to partner with The Bahamas Basketball Federation and support potential athletes in international forums. It is important that we create opportunities for our athletes to excel in many areas and it’s just a matter of time that we see our teams get better and better; Baha Mar is part of the sports tourism market and about creating opportunities,” he Sands expressed.

Additionally, the 2022 Sr. Men’s National Team was announced and includes Deyton Albury - Guard; Dominick Bridgewater - Guard; Jaron Cornish - Guard; Joshua Dames - Guard; Radshad Davis - Guard Forward; Shaquilio Fritz - Center; Chavano "Buddy" Hield - Guard; Danrad Knowles - Forward; Zane Knowles - Center; Franco Miller Jr. - Guard; Travis Munnings - Forward; David Nesbitt - Forward; Kentwan Smith - Forward and Mychel Thompson – Forward.

Moderator for the event and BBF Secretary General, Jurelle Nairn-Mullings extended special thanks to her former Jr. National teammate, Dr. Deveaux and Oaktree Medical Center for their continued support of sports in the nation.

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About Oaktree Medical Center

Oaktree Medical Center (OMC), a world-class medical facility provides high quality, holistic, patient-centred, affordable medical services in a safe, caring environment. They provide customized care to meet the needs of each patient and health condition. OMC is focused on family values and its doors are open to serve the community.

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