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Oaktree Medical Center provides high quality, holistic care, focused on family values in a safe, caring, customer service driven environment. We provide each patient with the support they need for optimal health and wellness. We provide pharmaceutical and laboratory services, EKG, X-rays, annual examinations, Outpatient IV Therapy and comprehensive care services to end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients at The Kidney Clinic. Additionally, we provide general and specialist consultations with our Board Certified medical team of Hypertension and Nephrology Specialist, Liver Diseases and Gastroenterology Specialist, Rheumatologist and Infectious Diseases Specialist.



Your doctor may suggest you get an electrocardiogram also called an EKG or ECG -- to check for signs of heart disease. EKGs are quick, safe, and painless. It records the electrical activity of your heart through small electrode patches that a technician attaches to the skin of your chest, arms, and legs. With this important test, your doctor will be able to check your heart’s rhythm, blood flow to your heart muscle, diagnose a possible heart attack and check for any abnormalities.


Oaktree Medical Center offers chest X-rays that allow assessments of the heart and lungs.

Annual Examinations

An annual examination at Oaktree Medical Center consists of a complete physical examination, blood and urine testing and pap smears for women. Be sure to always have your annual exam, prevention is better than cure!

Outpatient Infusion IV Therapy

Outpatient Infusion IV Therapy administers prescribed drugs to a patient intravenously or subcutaneously. The intravenous route of administration generally takes on average about three hours to complete.


Patients are encouraged to seek consultation with our team of doctors at any time by scheduling an appointment.

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