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Building Christian Character Through Athletics - Oaktree Medical Center Supports DTSP Wolf Pack

Nassau, THE BAHAMAS –Development of Technique, Speed and Power (DTSP) this according to track coach Mr. Larry Clarke, is the essence of running and the ethos of his track club for youth focused on discipline, character development and family unity. In his running days, Coach Clarke transitioned from being a sprinter to a middle distance runner, he now aptly coaches young adults interested in the 100 to 3000 meters.

“We want our athletes to be in a wholesome environment, so in 2013, we took a core of seven persons and called them the ‘Magnificent Seven’ and started the club. We are now 32 strong,” explained Mrs. Gail Clarke, Secretary for DTSP Wolf Pack Track Club.

On April 10th 2021, the DTSP Wolf Pack Track Club will host its 4th annual track and field classic and will introduce an under 17 and under 20 male and female mixed relay. The organizers are pleased that despite the challenges faced by the COVID-19 pandemic, the club, through the generosity of corporate Bahamas is able to host this year’s race. Oaktree Medical Center, with a donation of $10,000 is the Title Sponsor for the upcoming event.

From left: Mrs. Gail Clarke, Secretary, DTSP Wolf Pack Track Club; Mr. Larry Clarke, Head Coach, DTSP Wolf Pack Track Club; Mrs. Elizabeth Longley, Human Resources Director, Oaktree Medical Center; and Dr. Don D. Deveaux, Medical Director, Oaktree Medical Center.

“As we launch this year’s event, to have a Title Sponsor such as Oaktree means a whole lot. We are looking forward to partnering more with Oaktree Medical Center in the years to come,” expressed Coach Clarke.

Grounded in Christian principles, the club focuses on training and developing young athletes while preparing them for life and academic success.

“The club came out of a group from Holy Cross Parish, we always participated in the Anglican track meets and saw some really good and budding athletes. In order for us to continue to support young aspiring athletes, corporate giving remains extremely important. In fact, we could not host this track meet if it were not for our sponsors. Their giving provides the support we need to celebrate our athletes,” said Mrs. Clarke.

For Oaktree Center’s Medical Director Dr. Don D. Deveaux, the decision to become the Title Sponsor was solidified once learning of the track club’s quest for character development.

“Here at Oaktree, we are about building the community, once there is a stable community, we will have a better life. We were pleased to see that the Wolf Pack is a church based initiative, focused on building character, not just physically but spiritually. To us, that is extremely important,” he expressed.

Over the years, Coach Clarke and his team have mentored young men and women with raw talent who just needed training, development and someone to believe in them.

“We truly pride ourselves in what we do at Wolf Pack, all of our kids have access to college because of the door athletics and academics have opened for them. It is rewarding for me to work with these young people. Lamont Moss came to Wolf Pack years ago, not a strong sprinter however, with training and discipline, he has progressed tremendously. Today, he is one of the top sprinters in the country and now team Captain,” said Coach Clarke. 

For Oaktree Medical Center’s founder and his team, “an investment in the community is an investment in the future and we are proud of the work of Mr. and Mrs. Clarke and the tangible way they are touching the lives of our next generation,” expressed Dr. Deveaux.

About DTSP Wolf Pack Track Club

Founded in 2013, DTSP Wolf Pack Track Club seeks to support and advance the sport of track and field in The Bahamas while building strong minds and bodies. This is possible by cultivating and maintaining an organised, productive, and training environment that builds both athletic and academic success.

About Oaktree Medical Center

Oaktree Medical Center (OMC), a world-class medical facility provides high quality, holistic, patient-centred, affordable medical services in a safe, caring environment. They provide customized care to meet the needs of each patient and health condition. OMC is focused on family values and its doors are open to serve the community.